Client Testimonials

  • "Litigation is a lot more bearable when you know your lawyers care about the costs. Asperger Associates has a 360-degree perspective on what will impact the case, and which courses of action are cost-effective to pursue. I am absolutely ecstatic about our progress, our team work, and our overall rapport."
  • "I’ve worked with over 30 different attorneys, and Jeff Asperger is #1 in my book. When our dispute first went to mediation, Jeff’s preparation and conviction convinced me we had a strong claim."
  • "Asperger Associates are top-notch lawyers. They're tremendously accessible: I call, they call back. In the insurance claim business, we’re pushed to do more with less and Asperger Associates are responsive attorneys who help me accomplish that. I always get my money’s worth with Asperger Associates. In this area, they're my favorite law firm."
  • "Jeff broke this case down into simple terms, bite-sized chunks that the jury could understand. He kept everyone in the courtroom focused. I watched the jury closely and could tell Jeff was connecting with them. At the same time, he treated the bench with total respect, and that impressed the jury as well."
  • "Asperger Associates did a brilliant job in evaluating thousands of documents to prepare my case. I attended the depositions and personally observed that the lawyers were thoroughly prepared, anticipated every argument and developed creative approaches which paid off."
  • Jeff was present at every stage of the litigation. He knew our business well, understood our business model, how we handled warehousing and logistics."
  • "Everything we’ve done is geared to winning at trial. That raises the probability of a good settlement, but if we have to go to trial, we’re going fully armed."
  • "This was a big case, a complicated case, yet over a 7-8 year period I never had had a question of what would happen next. Jeff was meticulous and methodical. He educated us on the law, implications as the case developed, and what to expect going forward. During the entire discovery process, in deposition after deposition, we were always prepared and never overwhelmed."
  • "Jeff and Barry are a close team. They knew each other’s strengths, and worked hand in glove to dig for details and build our case. They brought an incredible dynamic to discovery and depositions, and have drummed up so much new information. I believe our team knows this case far better than anyone else – and that’s given us an advantage."
  • "I like working directly with the person representing us, knowing that he has complete knowledge of everything connected with the case. With larger firms, you can get pawned off to some newbie.
  • "He knew when and where to bring in outside experts, and how to use their testimony to build our case. Jeff comes across as self-assured, confident -- but not arrogant. He’s a class act. I would recommend him to anyone."
  • "Litigation is an intense process, but with Jeff there is no ego, no attitude. He has a calming and reassuring personality, and empathy for who he’s working with. Because we knew what was going to happen at each stage of litigation, it helped us maintain our demeanor in the courtroom. That helped us put our best foot forward, and it stiffened our resolve."
  • "Asperger Associates are highly skilled litigators with attention to detail and a thorough understanding of the law. They're resourceful, responsive, and achieved results far beyond my expectations. A real pleasure to work with."
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