$11.5 million settlement in Eternity Shipping and Eurocarriers v. Tate & Lyle

(SZZ d/30)(16P) Case L-01-CV-0250
SETTLEMENT: $11,500,000 (USDC MD)
PLTF ATTYS:  Jeffrey J. Asperger and Daile V. McCann of Asperger Associates

July 29, 2000 during sugar discharge operations at pltf Tate & Lyle’s Baltimore Domino Sugar refinery, the luffing wire on one of the cranes on a bulk sugar carrier parted, causing the boom to collapse onto Domino’s shoreside gantry crane and causing the deaths of two seamen.  The ship’s cranes had been operating erratically in the days before the accident; the ship’s electrician stated that it had been difficult to keep the cranes operational and that there had been an ongoing shortage of parts for repairs – although the cranes had passed recent inspections by ABS and the U.S. Coast Guard.  After the accident, measurements of the luffing wire taken by the Coast Guard showed it was not the diameter or construction specified by the crane’s manufacturer.  Pltf claimed $10,048,101 PD for the cargo and damaged crane after defts Eternity Shipping (vessel owner) and Eurocarriers (vessel manager) filed a limitation action pursuant to maritime law to limit their liability to the value of the vessel and her cargo ($5.33 million).  All wrongful death and injury claims were settled with defts for $200,000. Paid by UK P&I Club on behalf of Eternity Shipping and Eurocarriers.

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