Publications, Papers, and Lectures

Rules of Construction in Policy Interpretation

July 2006 Coverage Seminar, Columbus, Ohio

Latest Developments in Commercial First Party Coverage Issues: Winter Losses

2003-2004 PLRB/LIRB/WLA Regional Conferences, Chicago - Detroit - Philadelphia

Basic Warranty Law, or Ugly Wallpaper for Beginners, or All You Need to Know About Worthless Paper

Roof Asset Management Conference 2002, Oak Brook, IL

Building Product Failures: Are New Designs and Techniques Causing More Problems Than They Solve?

2002 Western Loss Association Annual Conference, Lake Delavan, WI

Common and Innovative Causes of Action to Consider In Building Product and Design Failure Cases

2002 Western Loss Association Annual Meeting, Lake Delavan, WI

Legal Definition of a Product Failure: What the Law Requires of the Designer and the Manufacturer

ASM International 2000 Conference on Failure Prevention, published in the ASM Journal

London Bridge is Falling Down...Or is it Simply Settling, Cracking, Shrinking, Bulging, Wrinkling or Expanding? (An Update on Collapse Coverage)

2000 Western Loss Association Annual Conference

Effective Roof Management

Facility Forum '98 and published in Today's Facility Manager Magazine 14

Recovery of Losses Involving Goods in Transit

McLarens Toplis Annual Meeting, 1996

What Constitutes a Jones Act Seaman?

7th Annual Midwest Conference on Marine Claims and Insurance, 1995

Reasonable Expectations: Thirty Years of the Post-Sale Duty to Warn Doctrine

Products, General Liability and Consumer Law Section Conference, published in Section journal, ABA, 1991

Recovery for Economic Loss Under a Tort Theory of Liability - Five Years After East River: Did the United States Supreme Court Resolve the Controversy, or Increase the Confusion?

ABA Annual Meeting, 1991

When Disaster Strikes: Legal Considerations for Foreign Companies Doing Business in the United States

Foreign Trade Commissioners’ Group of Chicago, October 2002

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