Fires, Explosions, Catastrophic Losses

John Deere & Co. Royal Indemnity, et al v. FM Global, et al

Davenport, Iowa

$39.5 million jury verdict (record in the state of Iowa), plus confidential pre-trial settlements, for fire which destroyed a distribution warehouse after an inadequate inspection.

Continental Paper v. The City of Detroit

Detroit, Michigan

A $2.9 million jury verdict for a fire which communicated from an abandoned building scheduled for demolition by the City of Detroit to a paper distribution warehouse. Three firemen died battling the blaze and the fire received national media attention.

Amax Corporation v. Hitachi Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. and Ansul Fire Protection Systems

Sullivan County, Indiana A $2.1 million jury verdict for a flammable fluid fire in the world's largest excavator.

GLS v. Norack

Southern District of Florida A seven figure settlement for an explosion and fire involving improper handling of volatile chemicals. Proximity and severity of fire required closing of Fort Lauderdale airport.

Metra v. GEC

Cook County, Illinois An arbitration award of $700,000, including fees and costs, for property damage where improper design of a ground fault interrupting system led to the burn down of a commuter rail switching station.

Allied Signal v. Barber-Coleman

Chicago, Illinois A jury trial and retrial resulting in a confidential seven figure settlement where a failure of process control equipment allowed a runaway reaction to result in an explosion, leveling an industrial building and killing five workmen.

John Carson and Carson Grain v. Robert Hicksgas, Inc.

Springfield, Illinois A propane gas leak and explosion which resulted in property damage and a victim who was seriously burned over 70% of his body.

California Family Foods v. Pacific Gas and Electric

A seven figure settlement for a natural gas leak and explosion which destroyed a process control center and seriously injured one victim.

In Re: Debruce Grain, Inc.

Wichita, Kansas Investigation of a grain dust explosion in the world's largest grain elevator causing over $50 million in damages and resulting in five deaths.

Port of Jacksonville v. Kone Cranes, Inc.

Jacksonville, Florida $1.1 million settlement (100% of actual damages) when welding contractor set fire to gantry crane.

Glazers Wholesale Drug Company, Inc. v. Heavenhill Distilleries

Louisville, Kentucky Confidential settlement in substantial fire involving bourbon storage warehouse. National media attention.

MGP Ingredients, Inc.

Pekin, Illinois $2 million fire interrupts grain drying operation.

Fire and Explosions
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