Commercial Disputes

Continental Casualty Co. et al. v. ThyssenKrupp Elevator Corporation

Chicago, Illinois

Multimillion dollar dispute over retroactively rated policies and improper draw-downs on Letters of Credit.

Jupiter Aluminum v. AON Risk Services

Chicago, Illinois Successful jury verdict in commercial dispute alleging negligent advice from broker regarding appraisal provision in insurance policy.

Doing Steel, Inc. v. Castle Construction Corporation

Chicago, Illinois

Successful jury verdict in contractual dispute involving construction contract.

Stout v. Somers

Du Page County, Illinois Fraud action to recover damages from an Illinois Notary Public after forged deeds to a decedent's Palm Desert, California real estate were notarized and recorded.

Jansen, et al. v. Szpyrka, et al.

Du Page County, Illinois Property litigation concerning the commercial development of residential property in Illinois research and development corridor.

Sebastian Contracting Corporation, et al. v. Anselmo, et al.

Du Page County, Illinois

Attorney malpractice, easement and special use permit litigation involving commercial property in Brookfield, Illinois.

Benchmark Bank v. HRD, LLC, et al.

Kane County, Illinois Litigation concerning promissory notes held by a bank against members of an LLC.

Merchants National Bank, et al. v. Innovative Partners, LLC

Kane County, Illinois Litigation to pierce the LLC veil in Illinois.

SafeCo Insurance v. Malmquist, et al.

Du Page County, Illinois Coverage interpleader litigation for uninsured motorist benefits following the death of a mother and two of her three minor daughters who were involved in a motor vehicle accident in Florida.

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