Design and Construction Liability

Mission Land v. McShane Construction

USDC ND Indiana Settlement of $1.3 million just before trial for inadequate design and installation of single-ply roofing system resulting in catastrophic failure of roof on a half-million square foot warehouse.

Sears Roebuck & Co. v. IPS Elastomerics

Confidential recoveries for catastrophic roof failures which occurred in winds associated with hurricanes Andrew and Hugo.

Willamette Industries, Inc. v. Kirby & Co., et al

USDC Harrisburg, Pennsylvania Inadequate design and construction of pre-engineered metal warehouse building results in catastrophic collapse due to snow loading. Confidential settlement.

Tomlin v. Stark Custom Builders

Indianapolis, Indiana Serious mold contamination with personal injury resulting from design and construction defects.

Scardullo v. Green Garden Township

DuPage County, Illinois $1.5 million settlement during trial for negligent road design/sightline obstructions. Third highest settlement in its category in the county.

Roberts Pharmaceutical v. Beazer

Chicago, Illinois Mass tort settlements for defective roofing insulation product which led to structural failures of roof systems.

Woodfield Racquet Club v. Butler Manufacturing

Chicago, Illinois Defective design and construction of pre-engineered metal building system results in collapse of indoor tennis club. Settlement confidential.

Residents of Black River Falls, Wisconsin v. Hatfield Hydro Electric Am

Jackson County, Wisconsin Catastrophic failure of hydroelectric dam due to improper design and maintenance causes flooded community. Mass tort claim for property damage results in substantial seven figure settlement on the eve of trial.

Lake Forest v. Avondale

Lake Forest, Illinois Alleged misrepresentation of roofing material by manufacturer resulting in extensive damage.

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